Brief info about my new release if tomorrow never comes by NazB

#NazB is releasing a new song titled “If tomorrow never comes”, as his gift to his fans this Christmas and New Year period.
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The song talks about showing and expressing love to loved ones now that we have the life to do it, because if tomorrow never comes, there won’t be an opportunity to show it.

The song is dropping alongside its video, as NazB never leaves his fans without a visual representation. We should anticipate an amateur video from the artiste, as he promises something unique.

The time is right for a gift through the power of music on the importance of spreading love. The song and the video would be out on all streaming platforms on the 11th of December 2020, and NazB has made it possible for both audio and video to be available for free download on Youtube. Make sure you stream and share the song and video, and let us know your favourite part on social media!
Season’s greetings!

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