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Swiss Plus was born to provide uncompromising quality and style at an affordable price. Founded, in 2020, by a group of friends from Zürich, Switzerland, we combine our love of fashion to create eye-catching, durable designs for custom USBdrives and other branding materials.

Our first product, a luxury, 3-series watch, was an automatic, mechanical, water-proof design, which thrived in Switzerland. Swiss Plus is now on a strong mission to bring unmatched value and excellence to the world!

Who needs Swiss Plus?

Branding is an essential part of marketing. It’s a vital tool for turning customers into service advocates. Companies who areactive growth marketers are aware of this and know promotional USBs are one useful way of doing this. We specialize in branded USB flash drives, power banks, wireless chargers, car chargers, cables, ballpen, and SD cards, for schools, universities, startups, medium-sized organizations, and large-sized organizations.

Our high quality tech products are also available to wholesalersand retailers.

How we operate

As part of Swiss Plus’ strive for excellence, customers in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria receive their products within 3-4 days after placing their order. Swiss Plus also offers fast delivery (within 10 business days) to Western Europe, USA, and Canada.

Our custom USB flash drive entails customizing each model with your logo, website, slogan, and more. We also supply pen drives with high quality controllers and chips and provide a 1-year warranty on all products.

Depending on the material, we brand flash drives through different methods including silk-screen printing and pad printing, engraving, embossing, or laser etching. If you have the budget, instead of choosing from our standard models, you can even customize your pen drive to the shape and design of your liking.

Working with Swiss Plus will be a pleasure as we’re a one-stop solution provider, right from helping you choose a suitable flashdrive model, to the printing of logo, to packaging, and to delivery at your doorstep.


Industry-differentiating edge

Our sharp competitive edge sets up apart: we offer high quality products at a good price! This is an important yardstick as you can save significantly more by using us. Many companies have ascribed quality with high-cost, but this is misleading. We’re able to subsidize the cost of our tech products because we‘re passionate.

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