NazB Ejeme Uwa Ole Review by Lucky Ikeri Chief Editor @TCT Magazine

Naz B’s Ejeme uwa ole is not just a piece of your everyday music loaded with conventional lyrics, it is a song that can pass for an anthology of musical philosophy.
It begins with a great rhythm which has an accompaniment of pleasant beats. The song which is done in hip-life gives the listener room to initiated steps in an ecstatic act of gyration while pondering on the philosophical message which takes one in flight on a journey down the lane to the essence of living.
It begins with greetings upon greetings in a melodic preamble that preaches peace devoid of the hustle and bustle of every day life activities. “The earth under a person’s feet cannot be lifted up”. “The world remains what it is; there’s nothing anyone can do about it”.
He goes on to say that people should do away with the insufferable arrogance to think that Nature was made solely for their benefit because no one has control over nature.
“People toil day and night seeking to acquire all there is, but the irony is that in the course of these endless toils for acquisition of material things, they end up undoing all that they had laboured for”.
“We should learn to slow down with life’s pressure because the pleasure of today is all that we have”,
“Let us not forget that the world is big and has enough space for everyone to feast”
We must learn to party and forget about our worries because no one can shoulder all the troubles of the world alone”.
Life is beautiful and when we have it, accompanied with good health, we can be certain for a hopeful tomorrow”.
“I am a son of the soil”, he says, “and I am Proud about it”. We are a people known by the feat of holding water in a basket”.
He end the great musical recitation with a greeting of reverence to his Igbo people.

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