NazB Fly Away (OUT NOW). Watch The Video

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NazB Fly Away (Official Music Video)Do you wish you could capture the feeling of summertime all year round? Do you want to hold onto the feeling of free nights and fun times? Are you looking for a beat to carry you through even the dullest of days?Your answer is here in all its melodic brilliance. NazB is back with Fly Away and their video not only does their summer anthem justice, it will bring you back to all the fun times you want to have again and again. Fly Away has everything you want in a crossover dance track.The only way to fully experience Fly Away is visually. It amps up everything and leaves you back in summer nights even when it’s snowing outside.Don’t miss this video!CLICK HERE to download the EP from iTunes Directed & Edited by Hysteria Productions(C)Clubstream Pink

Posted by nazb on Saturday, 19 September 2015

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