NazB Unknown Gunmen (UGM) Video

Switzerland based igbo musician Naz B releases a song titled “Unknown Gunmen”. This song was inspired by an unfortunate situation where a car he sent to his mother back home in Awka, Anambra state got robbed from his brother at gunpoint. His brother and family members in the car were stabbed. This is following the trend of reports of violence in the Eastern region of Nigeria, the Home of the Igbos. It is now commonplace and worrisome.
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It is the reality faced by many Igbos today. It seems it is one thing or the other posing a threat to the life of Igbos. All we hear is “Unknown gunmen”, men who are sometimes Igbos killing fellow Igbo brothers.

This true life experience from which Naz B has led him to ask the question, if other people hurt us will we hurt ourselves too? We say we’re people of the church and are brilliant but we still harm ourselves?.
Mothers do not deserve to watch their sons who they suffered to raise get injured or die, fathers should not go out to look for food for their families and also be scared that they won’t go back home to them, children shouldn’t have to wake up to the violent cracks of gunshots in the morning.

International Artiste @nazbmusic who is a proudly Igbo musician wrote a heartfelt song titled UNKNOWN GUNMEN. Originally from Anambra state and now based in Switzerland, the killings of his people in Anambra state and other parts of Igbo land still worries him deeply.

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