Proud to be Paany Ambassador

Proud to be Paany Ambassador ❤️👍🥂😎🍾

NAZ B – Artist/Rapper an PAANY! Ambassador
– Safe Water for Africa and the world –
NAZ B grew up in Nigeria and now resides in Zürich/Switzerland. He has been influenced by his African homeland ever since. Music was part of his upbringing.
NAZ B’s first debut album and even his current hits are intricately infused by African, American and European ingredients alike. His first single “Superfly”gained major Radio/TV exposure around the world. His current hit” Ejeme Uwa Ole” is marked by African beats and showcases Naz B’s love to his country Africa.
NAZ B’s vision is a world of peace. Being a PAANY! Messenger he wants to create an awareness about current water problem in Africa and is thus emphasizing that safe water should not only be a privilege for the urban population. Everybody should have access to safe and bacteria-free water around the world.

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