Swiss-Based Afrobeat Sensation Nazb Drops Hot New Track “Just Because” ft. Emanuel Austin

As the music scene continues to evolve globally, Afrobeat music has become increasingly popular among people of different backgrounds. The genre has attracted both established and emerging artists, with Nazb being one of the most buzzing up-and-comers. Nazb is a Swiss-based Afrobeat sensation who is quickly making a name for himself in the music world with his latest track “Just Because” ft. Emanuel Austin.

Before we get into the details of his new track, let’s learn a bit about the artist behind it. Nazb is a singer, songwriter, Producer and composer whose roots hail from Nigeria. He is heavily influenced by his African heritage, which he incorporates into his music to create a unique sound. Despite his diverse background, Nazb has become one of the most exciting Afrobeat sensations in Switzerland.

Emanuel Austin, a dancer and singer based in Frankfurt, Germany, adds his unique flair to the track. With Tanzanian roots, Austin brings a rich cultural background and a dynamic stage presence to his performances. His contribution to “Just Because” amplifies the song’s infectious energy, creating an unforgettable musical experience.

Just Because” is an uptempo track that will have you on your feet in no time. The rhythm and energy of the song make it a perfect fit for any dance floor, providing a pulsating backdrop for a night of joyful movement and celebration.


The melodies used in “Just Because” are equally impressive. The instruments’ instrumentalization gives the song a beautiful flow, and the beat is hypnotic, making it perfect to dance to. The beats serve a vital role in the song’s delivery, making it unbeatable and suitable for all music enthusiasts.

Production Quality

The production quality of “Just Because” is exceptional. The song boasts of top-notch quality from the audio engineering and mixing to the mastering. Every sound is well-balanced, and the output is as clear as a bell. The music producer did an outstanding job of giving the track a natural-sounding blend of African rhythms and contemporary pop music.

The release of “Just Because” has received an overwhelming amount of positive response worldwide. It has become a fan favorite in the Afrobeat genre, and the stunning visuals used in the music video serve as icing on the cake. Nazb and Emanuel Austin earned themselves a massive following on various social media platforms due to the song’s success and appeal.

Support the Artists:

Nazb and Emanuel Austin’s music is available on all digital platforms, so you can easily access and enjoy their latest release. By supporting these talented artists, you are not only ensuring their continued success but also contributing to the growth and diversification of the global music scene.



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