Valentine Ozigbo The Best Candidate for Ndi Anambra #pdpcandidate2021

In Anambra state, a new man has won the gubernatorial ticket of the PDP to contest for the position of Governor for the state. His similarities with other agents of good governance, great credentials, and love for the people of Anambra state has been well noted by citizens of the state and has given them a renewed feeling of hope, he has impressed many people including NazB, a Swiss-based musician who hails from Anambra state and has been keenly following the affairs of his home state. He recently recorded a song to which he put his heart and intends to use the music to encourage people to support and vote for Valentine Ozigbo as he believes in his project and personally knows that he is the right candidate for Anambra state.

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Valentine Chineto “Val” Ozigbo, a Nigerian politician and business executive, was born on July 20, 1970. He is the former President and Chief Executive Officer of Transnational Corporation of Nigeria plc (Transcorp), a diversified conglomerate with main holdings in the hospitality, agribusiness, and energy industries. He has worked in banking for NAL Merchant Bank, Diamond Bank, Continental Trust Bank, FSB International Bank, Standard Trust Bank, United Bank for Africa, and Bank PHB, accumulating over 17 years of expertise.

Mr Valentine Ozigbo has been excelling as far back as at his university days where he won two awards as the best graduating student in both his department and his faculty, the fact that he has managed to carry that excellence throughout his life is a good omen to the people of Anambra State that this man isn’t cut from the same material as the failed leaders they have experienced, in Valentine they have a man who prides himself in excellence. He has the blessings of the women of Anambra and other people who have seen in involved in many community projects already, helping the masses. It is easy to see his impact and that is why many see him as a saviour for the state, the man to bring Anambra out of the dreg that it is in now. Valentine Ozigbo is not just campaign and hype, he is not just empty promises, he has outlined a well thought out plan, a strategy for turning the fortunes of Anambra state around and putting not just the state, but the whole of Igbo land and Nigeria on the map as a progressive and successful society. His plan involves three distinct methodologies intended to change the state; the cluster approach, the sector approach and the community-based approach.

In the cluster approach, he plans to target cluster areas of the state to exploit their strengths for the good of the people. Examples of the cluster areas and their developments are improving the educational system in Awka, developing the city for hospitality and tourism, a sector Valentine knows very well and is an expert in.

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Onitsha is part of the plan too, the industrial hub of the whole south-east is currently plagued by a severe lack of resources, he plans to provide a better structure to maximise the capabilities, to push activation of a port closer to Onitsha to circumvent the over-reliance on the port in Lagos. Nnewi and Aguata are also not left out, the proposed plan of making the latter a thriving technological hub is something that would appeal to a lot of Anambra youths both in and outside the state. Next is the sector approach where Valentine promises that his government would focus on certain sectors that are peculiar to the state and that would directly impact the wellbeing of the people. The educational sector, health care provision, hospitality, agriculture, tapping into the already existing farming structure in the state to introduce modern farming techniques. These are all projected to directly improve the standard of living. Lastly the community-based approach, a natural part of the chain to link the people, for who all the work is for, to the project. The new man intends to partner with the communities and stakeholders in them, especially the wealthy population and getting them involved in state-building, making the whole community part of the project so that they could feel carried along and involved in the process. A partnership program with the government to bring Anambra state to greater heights.

NazB, just like any other person who has looked at Valentine Ozigbo, has seen that he is the right man for the state and is duly putting all his support on him, his music is a means to this. The sweet melodies easily recognisable by any Igbo person is a call to action, an announcement that it is time for a change in Anambra State, Oge e rugo ka Anambra chawapu, it is time for Anambra to blossom.

By Samuel Obiora.

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